Tempeh ploughman's

Day 2 of our "tempeh sandwich a day" 
A tempeh twist on a classic ploughman's: pickle, vegan cheese, extra tomatoes and grilled tempeh with a light dusting of pickle during cooking to seal in that delicious flavour.


  • Gluten , wheat and dairy free sandwich thins slightly toasted

  • Classic farmhouse spicy pickle

  • Violife vegan cheese slices

  • Dairy free butter

  • 50g Impulse tempeh lightly grilled with a brushing of the pickle sauce for flavour

  • Fresh tomatoes

1.Slightly toast the sandwich thins and spread with your dairy free or alternative butter

2. Grill your tempeh for 2 mins each side and the last 1 min brush with some pickle sauce to seal in the flavour

3. Add all your ingredients to the thins, add your cheese to the tempeh so it starts to melt a little. pro tip

4. 50g of tempeh should give you two sandwich thins, enjoy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 07.52.25.png