Oregano & Garlic crusted tempeh

If you like garlic (and we all know it's health benefits) and don't enjoy spending too much time in the kitchen then this 'under 3 minute' dinner is perfect for you. 


  • 200g tempeh, we used classic plain
  • Handful of fresh oregano leaves
  • 3-6 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Vine tomatoes
  • wedge of lemon

1) Heat your griddle pan and place the tempeh on and grill for a few minutes each side

2) In a bowl grind up your olive oil, oregano and the garlic to a paste

3) Take the tempeh out of the pan and smother with the oregano paste

4) Add the tomatoes to the hot pan and grill for a few minutes

5) Serve with a wedge of lemon for a refreshing splash of summer


Impulse Tempeh