Sticky tempeh buddha bowl

This bowl is a bowl crammed full of colour and nutrients. Delicious carrots and coriander, sticky Korean baked tempeh, crunchy pickles, tangy red onion, refreshing cucumber and black sesame, creamy avocado, punchy pomegranate, smokey aubergine and rice. ⠀

Serves 2


* 200g Tempeh
* 1 sliced aubergine grilled
* Korean spicy sauce 2 tbsp
* 2 Gherkins chopped
* 1 large avocado sliced
* 1 red onion sliced
* 4 tbsp hummus
* 2 sliced carrots
* coriander fresh
* 1/2 small cucumber
* pomegranate seeds
* 1/2 cup cooked white rice per person


1) Put your rice on to cook whilst you prepare everything else
2) Heat a griddle pan and griddle the aubergine on both sides and set aside
3) Add the tempeh to the griddle pan with a little oil and cook on both sides till crispy and brush with Korean spicy sauce
4) Prepare all the other ingredients and add to a large bowl with your rice and tempeh and serve