Aubergine and Tempeh Smokey Curry

If you like a smokey curry then this combination is right up your street.


* 200g Tempeh
* 1 Large aubergine sliced, salted and left for 30 mins to rid moisture
* Sea salt
* Vegetable oil or other for frying
* 4 tbsp coconut oil
* 2 red onions sliced
* 2 tsp coriander ground
* 1 tsp turmeric
* 2 tsp cumin powder
* 2 tsp mustard seeds
* thumb sized ginger peeled and sliced
* 4 cloves garlic peeled and sliced
* 1 green chili sliced
* 1 cap of apple cider vinegar
* 100ml coconut milk
* 1 tsp coconut sugar
* Rice to serve


1) Once your aubergine has pulled moisture out using the salt, rinse and pat dry, add to the oil and fry till crispy, about 5 mins before the end add the tempeh to crisp with the aubergine
2) Heat a little oil in a saucepan and add the spices and onion and cook for 3 mins
3) Add the vinegar, coconut milk, sugar and salt to taste and bring to the boil
4) Add the aubergines and tempeh and cook for a further 5 mins on simmer till most of the liquid has evaporated and you have a thick(ish) curry sauce
5) Serve with rice or alternative

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