Italian Tempeh salad jar

Using our @impulsetempeh garlic & herb tempeh (frozen section), pasta with a rich tomato sauce topped with salad.

This recipe comes from the archives of a Jamie oliver classic! So simple and perfect for reducing bought lunches.

Ingredients, serves 2:

* 100g Tempeh diced - garlic & herb
* Fresh Penne pasta - or alternative
* 1 Tin of tomatoes
* Basil and oregano
* Fresh black pepper
* Cucumber slices
* Tomato
* Rocket


1) Dice your tempeh nice and small and cook in a little oil for a few minutes till crispy
2) Add the tinned tomatoes to a bowl and add your oregano, basil and black pepper
3) Add your pasta to a pan of boiling water and cook as per instructions, we used fresh pasta so it took a few minutes
4) Add the pasta to the tempeh / tomato mix
5) Get your jar and layer the mix in the bottom and then cover and stack with cucumber, more tempeh and fresh sliced tomatoes
6) Sprinkle with more black pepper and finish with some fresh rocket

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 21.10.27.png