Sweet chilli sticky tempeh with brown rice noodles

A super quick lunch or dinner, full of flavour of sweet and smokey. Crumbling your tempeh is a great way to mix it up!  Crumble it, spice it, fry it, eat it


* 200g Tempeh block crumbled
* Brown rice noodles
* Simple side salad
* 1 red chilli sliced
* 2 Spring onions
* White sesame seeds
* 3 Tbsp sweet chilli sauce and a little water


1) Grab a large deep pan and add boiling water and cook your rice noodles according to instructions
2) Whilst they are cooking add a frying pan and a little oil and sprinkle the crumbled tempeh in and cook for a few minutes, keep stirring
3) Add the sweet chilli sauce / water mix to the tempeh and cook on low heat till it’s all absorbed and starts to go crispy
4) Once your noodles are cooked, toss with the tempeh
5) Serve with some white sesame seeds, a simple side salad, spring onion and fresh red chilli for a little kick!

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 21.16.48.png