Simple Tempeh Salad

We all are guilty of picking up pre-packaged foods when we are on the run. Sometimes the thought of making extra food the night before to take to work the next day can be a little overwhelming…that’s where a delicious, quick and simple tempeh salad comes in.

Full of protein, flavour and colour it’s hard to trade this in for a meal deal!


1) Leaves
2) Colourful veg - carrot, beetroot, cucumber, tomato….anything you have or want to add!
3) Tempeh - We used original chilled tempeh and quickly fried it up in a little oil with a clove of garlic for a few mins till crispy each side.
4) Toss everything together and you have yourself a perfectly packed lunch!….just don’t rush out the door and forget it!

Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 08.37.14.png