Tempeh Bangers & Mash!

We love this classic dish but using our tempeh slices instead making it a delicious #plantbased alternative 👌

Have you tried adding a tempeh alternative to a classic dish? What did you try?


1) 3-4 Large potatoes cut into small chunks
2) 1 x block of chilled impulse tempeh cut into slices
3) Non dairy milk
4) Non dairy butter
5) salt & pepper
6) Red onion sliced


1) Heat a large pan of water and add your potatoes to boil
2) Add a little oil to a shallow frying pan and cook your tempeh on both sides till crispy
3) Drain your potatoes and add a splash of milk and a decent knob of butter to the potatoes and mash till desired consistency
4) In the frying pan you used for the tempeh add your sliced red onion and cook till they become soft
5) serve together - Add a tsp of mustard or gravy for a little extra

Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 09.22.00.png