Tempeh BBQ Skewers

Every good BBQ should start with TEMPEH!

We love a good BBQ and tempeh is so versatile with it’s already earthy under tones it’s perfect for a delicious smoky BBQ.

To make your own BBQ Tempeh skewers:

1) Chop your tempeh into large chunks - too small and they will crumble when you push them into the skewer
2) Make large bite size chunks of your desired vegetables - we used courgette, tomato, green pepper, mushrooms.
3) Brush with a little olive oil - we used infused garlic olive oil
4) Light your BBQ and grilled your skewers till the veg and tempeh are slightly charred and delicious!

Serve in a bun, with a salad….options are endless!

Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 08.51.55.png