Why has my tempeh got black spots on it?

We get asked this question a lot,  while most of the products we send out has the pale brown colour that you are probably used to sometimes grey patches and black spots can sometimes form.  These are an entirely natural part of the tempeh lifecycle and do not indicate spoilage. Similarly the vacuum packing process can give these a slight greenish grey colour to the Tempeh.


Why is the packet full of air?

Tempeh is a living culture. Our chilled tempeh is pasteurised in order to stop the culture continuing to grow. Without this process the tempeh would have such a short shelf life it would not be practical to distribute it. We always try and keep pasteurisation to a minimum but sometimes if it hasn't been quite sufficient the culture can start growing again. When it does this it will use up the tiny amount of oxygen that is inside the bag and gives off CO2, which is what causes the bag to inflate. Once all the oxygen is used up the culture will stop growing.
If the block has been kept in a fridge since purchase it is almost certainly the case that the tempeh is fine to eat


How much tempeh should i eat daily?

There's is no minimum or maximum amount. We only advise that tempeh is included as part of a well balanced diet. 
The FDA recommends to consume daily about 25 g of soy proteins. This corresponds to 125 g tempeh.


WHat variety of soya bean is suitable for the production of tempeh?

Here at Impulse Foods we prefer to use large Organically certified soybeans. There are no specific varieties which should be used for the production of tempeh. Soybeans which are bigger are preferred because they are easier to de-hull and easier to dry.


Can i eat raw tempeh?

Fresh Tempeh can be eaten raw and contains all of its goodness. Cooking tends to reduce the vitamins very slightly but brings out all the flavours! 
Normally, tempeh is eaten cooked, either fried, steamed or boiled. Sometime people eat it raw, especially right after incubation when the product is very fresh. 


Where can i get ingredients to flavour my tempeh?

You can find organic ingredients, spices and sauces etc. at your supermarket and health food stores. If you have difficulty locating ingredients contact us and we can guide you to the best place. 



Can you guarantee that impulse foods tempeh doesn't contain any GM (genetically modified) ingredients?

At Impulse Foods we always take the maximum care to ensure that all our ingredients are from GM-free sources.


how safe is tempeh to eat?

The moulds (Rhizopus) used for the production of tempeh are completely safe and edible, and do not produce any known harmful toxins. There have been no reports of serious illness after eating of tempeh.


If you have any questions regarding impulse food organic tempeh then please contact us we'd love to hear from you.