How do i COOK tempeh?

Because Tempeh is so versatile, there are countless ways of preparing and presenting it. Some of the best ways of using tempeh are the most simple. Chopped tempeh can be marinated in almost any tasty sauce before cooking -experiment with your favourite recipes. Use tempeh in place of other protein bases for alternative favourites -Chilli Con Tempeh and Spicy Tempeh patties for example. And don't forget - kids love tempeh - just cube it and fry it to have them asking for more.

Note: Please be aware that some of these recipes contain nuts and are not suitable for individuals with nut allergies.


cube it

Using a sharp knife you can cut up your Impulse Organic Tempeh into cubes ready to use in place of meat or fish in a variety of recipes.


slice it

Slice thin strips of Impulse Organic Tempeh to shallow fry or grill to add to salads or sandwiches.


crumble it

Use Organic Impulse Tempeh and crumble it to use in place of mince for recipes like spaghetti (veggie) meatballs or vegetarian lasagne.