Why Impulse Tempeh Is The Best.

You may have seen the word ‘tempeh’ featured more often in the media recently, and wondered what exactly it is, and how ours differs from others available.

We have been making tempeh the traditional way in somerset for over thirty years, and our loyal customer base knows that our tempeh is the best.

The reasons?

We use the whole beans, partially removing the hulls as part of the manufacturing process. Other makers use de-hulled beans, which have the hulls removed, and are stored in that condition for months before use. We believe that is why our tempeh tastes ‘fresher’. The use of hulls and the natural pre-acidification process we use results in natural lactobacillus activity in the tempeh. Unlike other tempeh products available, ours contain no added wheat, gluten, acidifiers or sugars. Our plain tempeh is 99.99% cooked soybeans and 0.01% tempeh starter culture and nothing else. When it comes to our flavoured tempehs, the only additional ingredients are 100% certified organic or wildcrafted. No artificial flavours or colourings.

But surely all tempeh is basically the same?

Here’s an example from another food area....

You can buy delicious hand-crafted aged balsamic from Modena, or chemically created acetic acid. They can both technically be called vinegar. Your choice.